Want something to read this weekend? Consider The Lost Worlds of Power e-book (it’s free!)

News by Matt S.

If you’re an old dude like me, then you’ll remember Worlds of Power, a series of novelisations of classic games such as Metal Gear, Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania. These things were so bad they were truly awesome for a young kid who was in love with all things to do with games.

And now Worlds of Power is (unofficially) back with Lost Worlds of Power, a hobby project edited by all-round good guy, Philip J Reed, and written by a team of contributors doing it for the love of games. Within this completely free book you’ll find stories written with love and affection about the following games:

· “Milon’s Secret Castle,” by R.J. Burgess

· “The California Raisins: The Great Escape,” by Samuel Clementine

· “Bad Dudes,” by Ramona Donohue

· “Double Dragon Warrior,” by Theodore Geise

· “Monster Party,” by Tomm Hulett

· “Marble Madness,” by James Lawless

· “Yo! Noid,” by Jerod Mackert

· “California Games,” by Matthew McKinley

· “Battletoads,” by Philip J Reed

· “Linus Spacehead’s Cosmic Crusade,” by J. Paul Roe

· “Legendary Wings,” by Guy Vollen

· “Renegade,” by Jeffrey Zoerner

In the spirit of Worlds of Power these stories in Lost Worlds of Power are fun and silly, and really worth a read for anyone with nostalgia for either the games or the original books.

There’s also plenty of art, and from having a quick read myself I can confirm that Phil was insane not to make this a commercial project. It’s genuine good fun.

For more information, check out Phil’s own website at: www.noiselesschatter.com/the-lost-worlds-of-power/

– Matt S. 
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